Saar Education

Ms. Shivaani

“Here, I would actually like to take the time to thank SAAR Education. I am using their curriculum in my school since 2017. In simple words, I can say that SAAR Education is giving a bright future to next generation kids through their curriculum which cannot be fulfilled by anyone else. I would like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for providing an excellent service and providing good and professional trainers.”

Little Gems School, Guntur

Saar Education

Ms. Dhanalakshmi

“We Inhale & Exhale through an Ocean of Syllabus every day & Muscle our Human Brains with Powerful knowledge. It was in mid-2018 that we happened to introduce our prestigious institution to this New Curriculum, that was designed beautifully with inspirations from multiple countries with techniques & innovations through Extensive Modern Practical knowledge by this magnanimous company called “SAAR Education” Publications”, who stood by their Precision and Discipline & guided us through multiple new innovative methods of this learning experience. Today, mark 3 years of our fairytale Journey with this Curriculum along with our learners, staff members & parents. We are indeed blessed to experience such innovative learning methods along with new exciting updates and work tools every year. Now our learners & our teachers have become so addicted to this Curriculum that no other style or method syllabus could replace this technique. From the bottom of our heart & on behalf of the whole Little Angels School family, we pray for your well-being & express our gratitude for your wonderful innovations and techniques”.

Little Angels Presence School, Bangalore”.

Saar Education

Mrs. Janet George

“SSRVM was introduced to the SAAR curriculum from the current academic year 2020-21. Initial extensive training by the SSAR Trainers in all subjects was given and well received by the teachers. Sessions emphasizing the teaching methodology/use of teaching aids/materials were done aptly. Sadly, materials/teaching aids/teaching methodologies are not being used effectively this year as the classes are online. The Jolly Phonics training for Listening, Learning, Reading, and Writing was excellent. They have good international trainers for Jolly Phonics -Grammar. It gave us a better understanding of how to teach the English Language. SAAR books are very colourful and age-appropriate for the Pre-Primary classes. The child is drawn to the book, as the font and pictures are big enough and catchy. Their Worksheets & DLPs (Daily Lesson Plans are all commendable. The teacher need not source any new worksheets for the subjects. Rhymes/Stories need to cater to Indian students. Intensive and Informative curriculum. DLP made it easy for the teacher to follow her daily schedule. The written practice was also given its due. Excellent back-office staff. Always ready to help and solve our issues.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Vignan Nagar Branch