Happenings at SAAR

SAAR exemplifies the quote “Change is the only constant”
by Heraclitus

We are a dynamic organisation where we continue to learn, improve and evolve to bring about the desired changes in the existing educational system of india. We are constantly working towards creating better learning environments and better resources that make child centered teaching-learning to flow through the classrooms across the country.

We keep ourselves and our associates abreast with latest advancements and happenings in the field of education across the globe. We support our partner schools through and through and leave no stone unturned to empower everyone around with knowledge, understanding and skills to make our vision a reality in their respective schools.

2023 Webinars Schedule

BSD Seminar - Saar Education

Professional Development Session: Elements of Art- Grades 1-8

Date: May 24th 2023
Time: 4.30 - 6.00 PM


Previous Webinars

Session on FITZROY READERS by Jeremy O'carroll

Published - 16th March 2023


Published - 15th March 2023

Professional Development Session Jolly Phonics

Published - 9th March 2023

Creative Writing Series Grade 3

Published - 14th January 2023

Assessments in Foundational Years

Published - 10th December 2022

Teaching and Learning in foundational years

Published - 4th December 2022

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How to Embed the Inquiry Cycle in Classrooms with Manipulatives?

Ripples Pre Primary Training

Published - 29th March 2022

Fitzroy Readers Training

Webinar Speaker -

Published - 28th March 2022

Learn From the Author- Jolly Grammar

Webinar Speaker - Sara Wernham

Published - 20th February 2021

Enrich Your Curriculum the Finnish Way

Webinar Speaker - Kaisa Koivisto & Karoliina Nygren

Published - 11th February 2021

Sue Lloyd on Building 5 Skills of Jolly Phonics

Webinar Speaker - Sue Lloyd

Published - 30th January 2021

Unveiling Sensations

Webinar Speaker - Adam Scott & Brett Savidge

Published - 12th December 2020

Super Skills for the 21st Century

Webinar Speaker - Dr. Amrita Vohra, Anirudh Gupta, Dr. Heena Rachh & Susmita Basu

Published - 21st November 2020

From 'a' to 'extraordinary

Webinar Speaker - Faye Berryman

Published - 7th November 2020

Learn From the Author- Jolly Grammar 1 & 2

Webinar Speaker - Sara Wernham

Published - 10th October 2020

Learn from the Author - Jolly Phonics

Webinar Speaker - Sue Lloyd

Published - 3rd October 2020

The Power Inside Me

Webinar Speaker - Aarti Bakshi

Published - 29th August 2020

Effective Home Schooling- How to bridge the loss because of COVID-19?

Webinar Speaker - Faye Berryman & Philip O'Carroll

Published - 22nd August 2020

Math in Real Life

Webinar Speaker - Aneesha Balwani & Sandeep Kaur

Published - 25th July 2020

हिंदी भाषा की बारीकियाँ

Webinar Speaker - Ms.Yukti Banerjee

Published - 18th July 2020