‘Learning skills for LIFE’, is a series of student journals that empower children to explore their thoughts, understand emotions and believe in themselves. The journals help them master life skills through SEL(social emotional learning). The SEL journals also help them ask questions to their trusted adults, you, on all that fascinates and amazes them.

Any and all questions are asked when children feel safe to fail, are self-aware and have growth- mindset. Learning skills for life, their SEL journal is here to support and empower every child !

SAAR Education


SAAR Education
SAAR Education

Packed with positive thoughts, illustrations and writing prompts, these guided SEL journals have been created to help open conversations with children.
These interactive student journals will help children to become better versions of themselves using the power of their own mind.


Social emotional learning encompasses the following 5 life skills concepts...


How will SEL help me?

It will help me to work towards being a
"Mistaker = Risk Taker + learning from Mistakes!"

SEL Goals


Life skills covers issues that are:


they actually
affect student lives


they relate to what
we all think is right or
wrong in society

Teachers support


are your tools, to implement SEL with the learners, with thinking questions during follow-up circle time. It also has some additional fun activities for you as facilitators, for filing up your cup of health.

SAAR Activity and it's video

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SEL Learning Objectives & end of Chapter Checks

Emotions define us

Why do we need to learn about emotions? How does it help me?

Learning Objectives
  • Identify all emotions and learn strategies to manage them.
  • Accept all emotions.
Let's check, at the end of this chapter
  • Are you maintaining/keeping your friendships? Yes/No.
  • Do emotions interfere with your friendships? Yes/No.

SEL Webinars

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Know about our author

Dr. Aarti Bakshi is a registered RCI psychologist, with a PhD in developmental psychology. She comes with 14 years of rich experience working with children and young adults.

Aarti is a mindfulness enthusiast, a storyteller and a curriculum developer, who accumulates experience and expertise from renowned hospitals, universities, and schools that she works with. She is a CBSE committee member for Life skills, values and well-being, Accessibility Campaign India.

She currently works as a School Counsellor at Pathways School (a leading IB school in Noida) as well as a visiting faculty at Delhi University.