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Brand Name: Fitzroy Readers
ISBN: 978-93-82700-86-9
Book Code: SE0295
Language: English
Format: Hard Bound
Country of Origin:India
Learning Age : 3 years +
Item Weight (kg):0.5
Dimensions (l*b inches) : 8.75x12.25

Product Description

Its the Card Game and the tutoring package for children. It provides hours of education and entertainment for all ages based on making words from letter-cards (a,b,c) and digraph-close cards (sh,ai,ous). The reading ability can be chosen by dealing out cards upto a chosen level such as 10 or 35. For literate adults simply use all cards (up to level 50). For the tutoring activities instructions are provided for two learning activities SEE and SAY and HEAR & WRITE. These learning activities are non-competitive and are designed to help young readers to know their letters , learn how to make words , to write letters and to correctly spell common words.

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