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Pre Primary B
Brand Name: Fitzroy Readers
ISBN: 978-93-82700-70-8
Book Code: SE0278
Language: English
Format: Hard Bound
Page No. : 160
Country of Origin:India
Learning Age : 4 years +
Item Weight (kg):0.49
Dimensions (l*b inches) : 5.75x8.25

Product Description

Fitzroy Readers is a Phonics based reading Program developed in Australia that has proven beneficial to innumerous learners over the last three decades. The Fitzroy Readers introduce new spelling patterns with each story to enable the learners to decode the words for themselves. Set of ten phonics readers, at beginner level, Fitzroy Readers 1-10 are suitable for Prep/Foundation students. Each of the first five readers each emphasise one basic vowel sound (a, e, i, o and u) along with 1-2 special words (sight words). Reader 9 teaches the first digraph – oo as in roof. Working through the Fitzroy Alphabet Book provides the perfect foundation for starting on Readers 1-10. The corresponding Word Skills book is recommended with each pack of the Fitzroy Readers to get the best out of this impeccable reading program.

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