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Grade 1
Brand Name: Fitzroy Readers
ISBN: 978-81-92555-21-8
Book Code: SE0010
Language: English
Format: Paper Back
Page No. : 72
Country of Origin:India
Learning Age : 6 years +
Item Weight (kg):0.18
Dimensions (l*b inches) : 08.26X11.69

Product Description

This book is based on Reading, Spelling, Comprehension and Grammar. The activities are content based. This book comprises of A-G Sheets. The "A SHEETS" concentrate on new sound. The "B SHEETS" introduces special words (words whose diagraphs we have not yet learnt like 'th' in 'with' or sight words like 'said'). The "C SHEETS" introduces how to select the right word. Each C sheet makes use of the Word Family mastered in a sheet and Special Words from B sheet. The activities include: completing words, selecting words from similar pairs and labelling pictures. The "D SHEETS" involves extension activities like comprehension of pictures to fill gaps in sentences, composing entire sentences from pictures, reading double consonants as a single sound and recognising rhyming words. The "E SHEETS" consists of Puzzles. The "F SHEETS" consist of comprehension questions about the corresponding Fitzroy story. The "G SHEETS" involve free drawing of the special words of the corresponding B sheet.

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